Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday's Letters

Dear toner cartridge, yes I know you tricked my short coworker into thinking you were secure on the top shelf. I know you waited for me to come in and peruse the paper selection so you could knock me unconscious. You almost succeeded. You gave me a serious headache. Now let's see if you give me two black eyes, as well.

Dear Autumn, I'm so thankful you are here. I love your sunrises and sunsets. Your colors make me oh so happy. And seeing the sun set on my way home from work totally rocks.

Dear Facebook, deleting your app from my phone has freed up so much space for more sweet nieces photos. No regrets. 

Dear Election, I'm so happy you are over and certified! Seeing everyone's sticker photos made you a little easier to endure, because people voting is what is all about. Wait, what do you mean we have a January election!??!? Argh!

Dear Sweet Niece #2, you've had us worried, little girl. Four doctor visits in three weeks is a little extreme. Seeing thi smile tonight made me so happy - hopefully it means you are feeling more like yourself.

Dear Sweet Niece #1, the stomach bug?? Heaven help, I hope you are recovering. My heart broke a bit for you when you were unable to try out for basketball. Hopefully another sport will work out. 

Dear tree farm, I got a little excited when I saw your sign this morning!!! It's beginning to look like Christmas!!!! Yay yay yay yay yay!!!

Tomorrow is a great pottery show so I'm heading there. Then I promised Macy she could come over and jump on my bed. So now I must sleep so I can prepare for hyper little miss! ;)

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  1. I was thinking of you on election day. I hope you get no black eyes. You're a great aunt - jumping on the bed! Yep, I'm sure she loves her aunt. ;)


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