Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday's Letters

Oh me oh my. It's already Friday! The week has lasted forever, but at the same time, it zoomed by. You know when it's so busy you don't have time to breathe and time he's wonky on ya? Yeah...

So marching on to my letters: 

Dear Mom, Dad, and Me, Happy Birthday to me! Thanks for wanting me, keeping me, loving me, raising me up "right," continuing to show me how much you love me every day. I'm so glad God placed me in THIS family. Thanks to everyone who sent cards, thoughts, messages, and spirit fingers from afar! :)

Dear Macy, you are so excited about your big girl bed!! You tell us every day how you are going to sleep in your big girl bed! I love seeing you so excited and happy!! 

Dear weekend, somewhere I must find the time on start this. Ohhhh Yeaahhh - this makes me very happy! 

Dear Santa on Twitter, I am so excited for Christmas!! But your tweets about blah blah Fridays left before Christmas! is stressing me out! Aahhhh! (As a side note, I'm not usually excited about Thanksgiving, but I am this year!)

Ok peeps. I'm typing this on a phone and I've already killed my data plan. :)  have a great weekend! 

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  1. Happy birthday, Beth! I hope it was a great one. Love the big girl bed! I'm ready for the new season of Downton to begin now.


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