Friday, September 26, 2014

Fridays Letters

Y'all my job is keeping me crazy busy and I'm worn out. So of course the immune system is getting slack and I'm struggling with a sniffy nose. But life is good, I have so much to be thankful for and I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving this year (not usually my fav holiday).

So it's Friday again, and it's time for letters. 

Dear elementary school, the election today was great. Mainly bc the teacher in charge runs a tight ship and has such passion for her students. I adore her and enjoyed my time with you today. 

Sweet nieces, you make me happy. Sweet Niece #1, I'm proud of your martial arts and volley ball. Your great grades, artistic talents and sense of fun. Sweet Niece #2, I'm proud of all you have learned, your love of Jesus so young, sensitive nature, silliness and girliness. The two of you are my heart. 

Dear Big Brother, you ended. Derrick won. Donnie is America's Favorite Player. No more reading feeds in the morning. No more discussions at work. Maybe I can get a life now. Maybe. 

Dear Pen Pal and friend, you rock. Loved my surprise bday package, immediately put some goodies to use. My classes enjoyed cool pencils last night! :) 

Dear Lord, You know I'm not perfect and you see all of me. You know my heart and I pray You continue to work in my life, shaping me to be the woman You want me to be. Take my talents, my skills, my personality and put them to use in the ways You want me to go. Please forgive my sins, and change my heart so I won't repeat them. 

One last photo of Minnie Mouse. Lol. 

Ok y'all I'm going to bed. Hugs people. Hugs. Go hug the people you love :)

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