Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring is in the AIR!

Yes, Spring is finally making a grand entrance! Which means beautiful blooms, colorful blossoms and plenty of pollen. Already my eyes feel swollen and my nose is drippy.  But who cares! Beautiful weather is here for the week, crazy highs in the 80's which is WAY over the norm, and snow/sleet/ice is nowhere in sight. Whew.  So thankful. :)

I'm addicted to Cherry Blossoms, did you know that about me?
You can buy this here. 
Yesterday, walking home from my parents house, I wanted to run up and hug the Cherry tree in my sister's backyard.  I planted it there several years ago and it's really grown to become a beautiful tree. It's so full of light pink blossoms, it's just made to dream underneath.

More Cherry Blossom awesomeness.  HERE
I wish I had the guts to do something like this in my bedroom.  Granted my bed backs up to a window, so I'm not sure I could do this directly over/around my bed... but the walls beside it maybe? Hmm... Anyway...

IT'S SPRING!  Ohhh... I'm so happy to have warmer weather - so happy to see sunshine - so happy to see flowers and colors and happiness! EIK!

Ok, so yeah, that was basically all this post was about. :)

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