Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Photo Challenge Wednesday - 11

All I can think when I type 11 is, "This one goes to 11."  Name the movie if you know it. HAHAHA!  Anyway, Another week in the books, marching along towards April! Maybe Spring will finally arrive in the coming week? It would be great...

Wednesday, March 12:  Happy birthday, Daryl.  Daryl was my best friend's husband, who passed away much too young.  Gone at 37, he would have been 42 this year. My friend and I celebrate with cupcakes at his grave, which is located in a pretty, peaceful, off-the-beaten-path place.  It was a beautiful day.  Afterwards, we went to watch Ellie play some softball.  Swing batta batta batta ...

Thursday, March 13:  I confess this is the FIRST day all year I have missed taking a photo. I couldn't believe it when I realized it.  This is the photo I posted for Throwback Thursday, so enjoy it instead of a new photo. :) My siblings and I, peering through the window of Clay's jeep.

Friday, March 14: Mom (I mean MawMaw) reading to Sweet Niece #2.  So thankful Macy loves books. She is learning, ya'll, she is LEARNING! It's crazy to see how quickly she'll memorize her books. And watching her play pretend is just darling.

Saturday, March 15:  Macy's mom and dad took off for the mountains and Macy stayed with MawMaw and PawPaw.  I really enjoyed spending some quality time with her in the great weather. She wasn't feeling the best, but she was so sweet. (Do you see the hints of Spring!YAY!)

Sunday, March 16:  I couldn't resist Sweet Niece's feet in her ballet slippers/socks. Watching her run around in them was just too cute.  And look! More signs of SPRING! Granted we had freezing weather after this... but still, for a moment we saw hope for a warmer day.  This is right off the front porch, so when I go outside I see this. :)

Monday, March 17:  Top O' the Morning to You! Happy St. Paddy's Day! I thankfully remembers some green bracelets to keep me from being pinched.  I wonder if Sweet Niece #1 wore the green braids my mom picked up for her? Hmm.. I need to check on that.

Tuesday, March 18:  Ya'll, I realized I had taken NO photos again last night.  Since I was totally not getting out of bed, you get a pic of my night stand.  Pens, bobby pens, change, hair ties, ... well, you get the idea.  Yesterday was a hot mess, so this picture is pretty accurate.

I'm excited to start a journey through Jonah with #shereadstruth and I'm inviting you to join in.  It just started yesterday, so it's not like you are behind or anything.  Visit to see the devotions.  Good stuff.

God is good. Even when we feel like we are being punished or forgotten, He is there by our side, telling us to have faith in Him, because HE sees the overall tapestry while here we are focused on one little thread.  It's hard. I won't lie.  It seems to go against what we want to do sometimes. We like to think we can take control, march down our own path because in our little circle of knowledge, it seems to make the most sense.  But have faith, pray, talk to God, and ask that He make you BRAVE to go where HE tells you to go.  I'm still learning this! I am definitely taking baby steps! But I'm thankful to have so many of ya'll encouraging me with the example of your own faith.  So thank you.

Ya'll so have a great ending to this week and maybe I'll see you back here for Friday's letters. :)

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