Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Photo Challenge Wednesday - 13

I can't tell you how happy I am to see warmer temps, even if it is only for a few days. It's been great :)

So let's start with Wednesday and see where his past week has taken me!

Wednesday, March 26 - Just when I feared I would have a random boring photo, I saw this blimp on my way home! I'm not sure I've ever seen a blimp!!! I have no idea what it was up to, where it was going, but it was exciting for me. :)

Thursday, March 27 - I am a rebel - I turned my calendar early. Since I ADORE otters, I was tickled to see one for April! Visit for more cool stuff. 

Friday, March 28 - How cool is this book? One of those great pieces of history. And this rabbit - I won it at the Tea Cup Auction. A local church puts together all these items with tea cups by each one for you to put your tickets in. This is one of three things I won!!  

Saturday, March 29 - Look who finally has a ponytail!! Lol. Saturday's plans were scrapped when my friend got stuck on a last minute out-of-town project. But it's all good, we'll plan it again. I pretty much rested on Saturday, which felt really good. 

Sunday, March 30 - Saturday & Sunday both I had this odd abdomen pain so I didn't do much Sunday either. But I did make more felt animals, which resulted in orders for animals! Woo hoo! 

Monday, March 31 - Do you know how hard it is to leave when baby girl is crying that she wants to visit my house? So I promised she could visit after work. She runs in, starts dancing, then runs to my bedroom and yells, "Jump On The Bed!!" She discovered my Hello Kitty boots and fell in love :) 

Tuesday, April 1 - I hate April Fool's Day and I'm glad no one pranked me. But look who did visit the office, Little Miss Natalie! Adorable?? I think so! What a sweetie. :)

And there's my week in a recap. It's now time to test up before another work day tomorrow!! Thanks for following this journey with me!!! 

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  1. We're near the airport in our small town and have a blimp fly over every now and then. They are so noisy! Is that a blue cake plate with extra plates next to the bunny? Love it. Those animals and the ponytail are too cute.


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