Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Photo Challenge Wednesday 3

Heavens to Betsy this is hard to keep up with. But I have been successful once more! Woop!

The job on Wednesday. Any clue what these are?? Anyone... Anyone...  
Wednesday, Jan. 15: ENCOURAGEMENT. I'm trying to keep a log of those little things I'm thankful for on a daily basis.  On Wednesday, I received a letter from my penpal that she was praying for me and understands some of my struggles.  Sometimes that's all you need to keep you going.

I remembered I didn't take a photo JUST before midnight on my way home. Whew. 
Thursday, Jan. 16:  FRIENDSHIP! Dinner with Sara, which resulted in getting home about 12:30 a.m. These deer in the business park just hung out with us for a while. Such graceful animals. It had been much too long since I'd seen Sara - must get together again SOON.

Yes, I know my bed looks like a hot mess. But I love the new duvet cover!
Friday, Jan. 17:  FAMILY. I did show up for work, but once Mom dropped in for a surprise visit and I decided to skip out on work and shop with her for the afternoon! Great decision (and thankful I have a job where I can do that). We had such a good time together. And I found a pretty duvet cover for $20! Love it!


Paulene painting McGill, the snail. 
Saturday, Jan. 18:  MORE FRIENDS! :) My head was in the clouds and I showed up 1.5 hours late for a visit with my friend, Paulene! Ack! Thankfully, she was very patient with my flightiness. What a great visit! Toured her home, OD'd on orange & purple, Lizard Thicket for lunch (yum yum - grilled pound cake - holy cow it was good) and painted pottery! Really thankful for her friendship.

Little Red Riding Hood on the way to church. 
This is the screen I saw through at least HALF of Downton Abbey. Seriously?!?! 

Sunday, Jan. 19:  GOD. I was feeling a little rough and missed Sunday School, but made it for preaching. Glad I did because it was a really good sermon.  Visited with my aunt that afternoon, which was a joy. Napped in a hot bath before DOWNTON ABBEY! EEIIKKK. A.D.O.R.E. that show. :) But let's not discuss the TV going out every 30 seconds, causing me to lose my mind.

As part of cleaning up her house, Mom gave me a stack of papers from a baby shower for me! The game was to take Mom's name and list and boy and girl name for each letter. Some of the names cracked me up! 
These are the felt hearts I kept for myself. :)
Monday, Jan. 20:  REST. Took some time for myself and family.  Played with Macy and just enjoyed spending time with her and my sister. Cleaned up the house, made lots of felt hearts and watched more DOWNTON ABBEY on dvd. I needed Monday to rest.

Some evenings are so beautiful here. 

Tuesday, Jan. 21:  SHARING.  I mailed hearts out to all kinds of friends and delivered a few sets in person. I love sharing something so simple, but something I so enjoyed making.  Want a set? Just send me your address at b_covington (at)

Thanks everyone, for taking this random journey with me each week.  It really is helping me see little things to be thankful for and appreciating those small moments of happiness and joy.  :)


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