Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Late Christmas Share

I realized I never shared Christmas photos with you!! Shame on me. So here are a few of the Christmas festivities through the weeks of celebrating.  We had a very nice holiday, even if it didn't feel very Christmas-like with the lead up of 70+ degree weather.  Things seemed rushed, but the family being together was great.

Katie's birthday kicks off Christmas since it's in mid-December.  I don't have a photo of Katie that she would allow published, but here is a cute one of my sister-in-law, Angela, and brother, Clay with Sweet Niece #2.  :) 

A yearly tradition is to have my BFF's niece, Ellie, over to see my mom.  Then Donna and I go on a quest for Christmas lights. Here is SN#2, the snowman and Ellie at mom's house. Many cookies were consumed. Just a FYI. 

This is my pic. The professional one was better, but we still had one sleeve jacked up. Oh well. 

No Christmas is complete without the little ones visiting Santa! Here Katie SN#2 and Mom wait in line to visit the jolly man himself.  I think the oldest kid in this bunch was the most excited.  Sweet Niece #1 declined the offer for a visit with Santa... I guess she thinks she getting too old. :)

Christmas Eve is a riot at my mom & dad's house, as my aunt/uncle, their kids and spouses and kids, all of us, another uncle/aunt/cousins or two all come together for a feast at lunch, a gift swap game and serious paper ball fight at the end.  I'm not sure how things haven't gotten broken over the years, but so far so good!  Look at mom's tree with the stuffed animals in it. Isn't that cute?? 

One person in particular gets excited about the paper ball fight.  Sweet Niece #1 was overhead saying at the end of the gift swap - "Oh, I gotta get my paper balls ready!"  HAHA

Christmas morning was at Mom & Dad's again.  Very excited chaps.  A super yummy breakfast before diving into gifts galore.  Sweet Niece #1 came to us about 2:30 from her mom's house, and had another PILE of gifts to open.  Her stack was so large, when she was done she couldn't remember who all had given her what. :)  But I'm happy we were able to do that for her. She opened gifts all day long! Sweet Niece #2 enjoyed all her gifts - the Princess Castle, the Princess Castle Tent, her Shopping Cart & Felt Food, her Puppy that reads books - it was excitement overload. 

So that was my Christmas. I hope yours was as wonderful as mine. I'm heading home to curl up under my Hello Kitty snuggie and watch some more Downton Abbey.  :)

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  1. I love the paper ball fight tradition! Fun stuff. Happy New Year!


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