Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday's Letters


You know when you've had one of those weeks that just the fact that it's Friday gives you hope? But... it's not like Saturday is going to be different than Friday so why does this give me comfort?

Anyway, my letters:

Dear God, Thank you.  Thank you for listening, responding, loving.  I said, "All that is left is faith," and the other person said, "That is sad."  Actually, all that was ever there was You anyway, so why is that sad? It's a revelation to understand none of us can have it all under control without You. If we all would have accepted this all along, maybe things would be different.

Dear Macy, you bring such joy.  You are so loving, learning so very much, it's just a total joy to have you in my life. Watching you pretend you are a mommy with your babies, you rock them to sleep, tuck them in, feed them, read to them - you melt my heart!

Dear Sherry, Oh my gracious, thank you.  Thank you for listening, understanding and I know you are praying and I'm SO THANKFUL FOR YOU.

Dear Macke, Hang in there, it will get better. I pray for you, oh how I pray for you.  I write these huge letters to God for you and your family because 1) I love you.  2) I know God loves you.  3) He listens to these prayers - mine, yours, everyone elses and He has you protected in His hand. Know it. Sometimes, you just have to BE STILL and KNOW He is there beside you.

Dear Downton, please don't let me down this Sunday.  I was so unimpressed with last weeks, even after making hot cocoa to drink as I watched.  I'm so hoping this week has more of a bright spot to it. :)

Thanks Ya'll.  Sunday is the reset button on this week, and I'm looking forward to it! :)

PS - I'm pretty sure I'm buying that print above.  I just love it! Love me some Etsy!  Click on the source to be taken to the print online. 

Addition!  Oh gracious, Renee at Southern Gal Thoughts linked to this wonderful blog post and I'm adding it here so I can go back and take lots of time to read it, click on all the links and write about it.  Looks marvelous and I'm so glad Renee included it in her post so it came to me! Whee!


  1. Love the sign. I sure could use one of those too. I am stuck in the point where I am praying but it feels like God is not responding...I mean months of praying the same prayer over and over. But like the women in Luke I will continue to day after day pray and have faith that God hears my prayers. I love that you have such a strong faith and that you have so much love in your heart to pray for others.

    Laura @ Mice In The Kitchen


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