Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday's Letters

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM! YOU ARE THE BEST!  All seriousness, I'm so thankful for my Mom - she really is a wonderful, amazing, lovely woman. A blessing!! 

The moment I'd been waiting for - Mary and Matthew to get together at last!!! *sigh*
Rewatching Season Three starting tonight, to prepare for Season Four! EEIIKK!
Dear New Year, I'm excited for you! I'm happy I spend it quietly in my living room watching a Downton Abbey marthon before the season kicks off on Sunday! Woop woop! Dear One Word, I'm looking forward to applying APPRECIATION to my weeks, hopefully every day. I'm starting a jar to drop my written blessings into all year so I can see how wonderful my year was at the end. :) Dear Blogger World, I'm not sure where it's going or how much longer I'll keep it up, but I'm here today.
Sister Beth, Ellie and Donna (my BFF) at the Orange Bowl, ready for tonight's game! 
Dear Clemson Players & Fans, Good Luck with the Orange Bowl!  I'm pulling for you! Dear Dave & Busters, seriously, you are going to be rude to Clemson fans, who are in your establishment with their hard earned money?! NOT a smart marketing move. Let the Ohio fans pay your bills from now on. 

Sweet Niece #2, I hope you feel better soon.  I'm not a happy auntie when you are under the weather. :(

Those are my letters for this week. :) I'm also trying to do the 365 photo thing, do you have to follow the prompts, or are their prompts? Whatever - if I get a pic in a day I'll be doing good. So maybe I'll share those on here once a week, too. Ya'll have a great weekend. :)


  1. Happay New Year! Hoping it brings you everything and more!

  2. It sounds like you were blessed with a wonderful mom! Lucky you!

  3. Even though we're Gamecock fans, we were glad to see Clemson win the Orange Bowl. You're thinking of quitting blogging? :( I linked to a monthly photo a day challenge from Little Blue Boo. So far (four days in) it's going well. Ha! Let's see what happens next week.


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