Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Photo Challenge Wednesday : 2

I'm proud of myself - another week of photos completed!  I will admit to struggling on a few days and thinking - holy crap, I better get a picture taken pronto! And so some of these are just not stellar. Oh well, enjoy my week anyway.


Wednesday, January 8:  Had training all day, but it was actually fun and interesting! Made several new acquaintances and followed up with them (saying how nice it was to meet them) the next day. Good stuff! This is how my afternoon ended - watching Mom and Macy play in the Princess Tent!

Thursday. January 9: Poor Macy, watching her mama leave for work.  She's been fighting a bit of a cold.  Anyway, Thursday was a dramafest. Exhausted but it brought me back to focusing on God and His power and love. 

Friday, January 10: How sweet is it to start my day with this little girl? I love seeing her just before work. She's named her baby, "Rosie" after the little sister in Calliou.  So thankful for Sherry, for listening and praying with me for FOUR HOURS! God blessed me with some amazing friends!

Saturday, January 11: Always good to have Sweet Niece #1 (AH) back at home. We took to her Krispy Kreme where she had her first "hot" donut.  "How is it that I've never had a hot donut before!" she asked! Haha! I found some great Psalms to soothe an aching soul.  Good stuff. Also had some great family time that night.  Hot Bath and BED.

Sunday, January 12:  I played hooky from church and made it a "me" day. I needed it after the latter part of the week and weekend. I washed clothes, picked up a bit, made Christmas chocolate chip cookies (still taste delicious even with red and green chips) - these went into the freezer for the Super Bowl.  Made strawberry and blackberry cobbler. Got crafty.  Just let my home become my sanctuary and recover from a drama filled week. I did catch most of Charles Stanley on TV - I really like his preaching. He pretty much tells it like it is. Sunday night - DOWNTON! *sniff* ANNA! How could they let this happen to Anna. I was so sad before going to bed that night. Sad.

Monday, January 13: The moon greeted me as I left work on Monday. I don't know why, but I love it when I can see the moon in daylight.  It's like a special little surprise. Monday, I visited with my sweet niece for just a few minutes and went HOME. Love my home... *sigh* So thankful the drama is calming down and all these devotionals are making my heart lighter.

Tuesday, January 14:  I know, I'm a DORK, but I found this thing online where it summarizes your tweets from the year end.  It was cute!  You can see the whole thing here.  My top three words tweeted about:  Home, Family and House (I highlighted the next word down - letters - so there wasn't home and house twice!).  Sewed like a mad woman on felt valentines.  You can win a set similar those these at my Pressed Clovers Facebook page.  Just find the status like this and post your color choice. 

And that's a wrap, folks! :)

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  1. How did I miss your photo update?
    I hope this week has been much better for you.

    Uh oh. She's ruined. She'll never eat another cold donut again. I was sad about Downton, too. I'm hoping they won't drag it on forever. It's too depressing.


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