Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Troubles? What Troubles?

I bought these cards last night and thought they were so pretty! They are MUCH prettier in person - I love Dayspring. And I love Hobby Lobby for carrying them. :)

Anyway, I was all down yesterday and posted a down in the dumps post, which I went back and deleted because I don't want to be a Debbie Downer.  Poo Poo on Debbie Downers.

So yes, we have troubles in the family. Who doesn't have troubles in the family? In the grand scheme of things, we are doing just fine.  We have lots to be thankful for, lots to be happy about, so many good - even GREAT - things in our lives!

1)  We have each other! I adore my family, my brother and sister-in-law are coming to the house today to bring me a piece of furniture they are giving to me (how nice!!) and I'm making supper for them.  Katie is really cleaning her house OUT and bringing stuff to me to sell and I get to keep the money (hooray! I can really use it!).  Mom and Dad are doing ok which is just fine because it could be so much worse.

2)  I have wonderful friends who are so amazingly supportive.  Friends who are always up for dindin and convo, friends who send me surprises because I'm having a tough time, friends who make pies (oh yeah!), who pray for me and my family consistently, just really awesome friends that inspire me all the time.

3)  I have FAITH! So so important, and I'm learning more every day. It makes me happy to learn, to have people around me encouraging me through their lettrs, texts, tweets, messages - to see others who are also praising God and believing in Him. It's truly wonderful.

So yes, we have troubles. But it's ok because My God is bigger than my troubles. I do worry sometimes, but I try to remember that All Things Work Together For the Good for Those Who Love God and are Called According to His Purpose.


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  1. Good. I'm glad you are focusing on the positive. Sometimes I get all hung up on crappy everything is.


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