Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Life's a Beach.

A few weeks ago, my coworker's hubby was unexpectedly hospitalized for a week.  He was supposed to go to the beach, but obviously he missed that trip.  We felt really bad for him and knew he needed our special brand of cheer.  Therefore, brought the beach to him. :) 

We picked up one of those folding display boards from the Wally World, used the scene setter door covers from the dollar store and lots of rubber cement to make it beachy.  Cotton balls for clouds, a fire truck (he was going to a fire convention at the beach), a hot babe in the truck, birds - we made it as close to paradise on paper as possible.  The tray contains actual sand, shells, margarita glass, shades and the beach ball and sand bucket completed the decorations. 

Oh yes.  We asked his wife to wear a bikini to take it over the top, but she refused. Darn.

We had this huge scene setter left over and so we decorated our office with it.  Yes, this is what I'm looking at these days.  You get used to it but I'm sure the people who come into our office are baffled. I mean, it's huge flamingos. Well over six feet tall.

I kinda expected them to be gone when I got back from my vacation, but nope, it's still there. I think we all are still in need of a vacay. So maybe this is what I'll day dream about today...

And I wonder when it will be taken down?

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