Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday's Letters

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Ya'll, today is Friday and can I just hear a THANK YOU from the crowd. An AMEN?! Yeah, I'm pretty sure we are all glad it's Friday. :)   woop Woop. 

So let's kick off some letters from the week: 


Dear Brother and Sister-In-Law, I'm SO EXCITED about the awesome media cabinet you brought and installed for me. Seriously, love it. Crazy about how it looks in my living room. THANK YOU for your generosity. :) :)  Want to see a close up of the picture? I blogged about it. 

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Dear Paulene, the thoughtfulness of this gift touched me so much.  Sharing sympathy about the loss of Muffin and encouraging me with uplifting words - it had me bawling with tears rolling down my cheeks as Dad was driving us to get something to eat and I was talking to Mom on the phone. I had just scooped up the package and hopped in the truck, and was knocked off my feet when I opened it.  Thank you so much for your friendship. 

Dear Bachelorette, You are killing me by sending home Zak.  I liked him. I thought he was the most REAL man out of what you have left.  I am baffled by your interest in Brooks? Really? 

Dear Kate & Co., I am SO not a fashionista.  However, I think you have some super cute clothes for people who are skinnier than me and fashion forward.  I'm promoting you here because I think you have a market for your clothes and I believe you can do it, girl. So go for it! And ya'll go visit her page and see what you think! :)  

Dear readers, Thanks for coming along for the ride!  Say a prayer for my Mom as she had to put her dog down this week just after I had to put down Muffin.  So it's been sad  but like I said before, we are blessed! 

Ya'll have a GREAT weekend, count your blessings and GRAB for your joy!

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