Wednesday, June 8, 2011


She's of no blood kin to me, but I'm crazy about her.  My step-niece, who came into my life when she was 7 years-old, found a section of my heart and claimed it as her own. I'm crazy about this girl. 

Crazy enough to spend 4 hours sitting in auditorium seats to watch her dance recital this weekend. Even as my butt began to tingle from falling asleep, I was completely captivated every time she came out on the stage. All seven times.

And because I'm a nice person, I won't make you view every picture I took plus the three videos, because I totally realize she may not have stolen your heart yet. But give it time - she's too funny, smart, witty, cute, sweet, creative, caring, and just all around awesome for you to keep your heart out of her reach.

It's a Small World


Do Wah Diddy

It's a Hard Knock Life (from Annie)

I can't wait to take vacation with her... it's going to be a trip. We haven't had a child with us on vacation since my sister was little, and she's 30 now. So life is going to be spiced up and wide open -something this family needs.  Some spice! :)  I'll tell you ALL about it once it's done and over with... provided the excitement doesn't kill me first. 

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