Friday, June 24, 2011

Everything is Beachy!

As promised, I have been uploading pictures and such from our family vacation to Edisto Island, SC.  Beautiful unspoilt beaches that aren't crowded and life is laid back and quiet. As mom kept saying - we are living on Island Time, and it was much needed.  Truly,  a wonderful resting place to recharge your batteries...

When things don't go psycho crazy like they did for us!  Despite all the weird happenings, we brought back so many wonderful happy memories of being a family, it was a week of blessings!

Ok, so the funny things are those that go whack-o, right?  Like:
  • As I'm driving down there, I can feel my face exploding with zits. It was crazy. I haven't had this much trouble since high school and really didn't care to revisit those days.
  • Then, I suppose from sitting with my legs smooched together for 5 hours driving, I developed a few painful bumps on the inside of my upper legs. Which required band aids to keep my pants from rubbing against and hurting like a mamajama. And those band aids were great fun to pull off at the end of the day.
  • Then, I got the stomach virus one night. Serious fun.
  • Katie, poor girl, got stung by a jelly fish. Do not pee on jelly fish stings - that's a myth (I looked it up online, not that we tested it out!) If you trust the locals, use vinegar and meat tenderizer - it seemed to work for her. Hooray!
  • Mom's back went out, which made for a rough and painful end of the trip and ride home for her. She's still trying to get that straightened out. 
  • Roger got fried up nice and crispy during his beach swim with AH and ended up coated in aloe.
  • Both mine and Katie's home alarms went off, giving us both quite a fright!  Thankfully, it was the pet sitter, who I'm sure also received quite the fright, along with all our animals.
The two happiest clams of the bunch were the oldest and youngest - Dad and AH. Who had great fun bonding during this trip. We all played lots of Apples to Apples, Uno, Rummy and a bit of the Wii here and there.  We ate lots of bad-for-you-but-tastes-so-good food, enjoyed plenty of sun, sand and surf, and we all ended up reading books in the cool of the AC.

Because you know I have to torture you with pics, enjoy these FEW handpicked ones ... I could make you look at all 1.5 million so be thankful I narrowed it down! :)

AH and Katie - two silly girls on the beach!

Three generations at the SC Aquarium in Charleston
Mom after a walk on the beach

Beach Girls at sunset (AH and Katie)

AH and Roger on the front porch, taken through the door

Sandy feet of a happy beach girl!

MiMaw and AH

AH, MiMaw and Papa George

My fav pic - Roger and AH

Good times, good times.  We are already making plans for next year - I think it's wonderful we can all enjoy each other's company while taking time out for ourselves.  :)

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