Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have SO enjoyed being introduced to the world of blogging and all the cool people that are out there in this great big world.  My interests are ALL over the map, therefore, the list of blogs that I follow are also all over the map!  But it's wonderful to log in and see all the creativity that surrounds these ladies (guys just don't seem to blog as much??) - so I thought I'd share a few of them with you.

Mama Bear Gets Chatty - she's a trip. A mother with three children - Teen to child - and at least a few are adopted. She is super creative, very logical minded it seems and I just enjoy her positive spirit about everything. You want to check her out, I can tell.

Buckets of Burlap - Oh my, when I need to look at pictures that inspire me to dream big of cottages and relaxing days, this is where I go. I love her style, her eye for placement and design. *sigh* It's just dreamy and one day, my very own little cottage will be perfect like hers.

Sidewalk Shoes 365 - Photography, oh how I love you! Pam has an eye for awesome shots, of her adorable kitties, the flowers in the garden, fences on Fridays - her subject matter is diverse and it's always a treat.  She's doing the 365 Project - which I aspire to do one day when I know I"ll actually complete it. :)

Susan Branch - Susan is another cottage-y crafty person, complete with to-die-for recipes, printable bookmarks and other paper treats, and inspirational quotes prettied up enough to make you want to learn how to paint.  She has a store connected to her blog filled with wonderful items that I really want.  One thing I love - the Mom book. Maybe I can convince my mom to fill one out...

Positively Peaches - This lady is Creative with a Capital C! I love her awesome ideas for kids - even if I don't have any of my own! She's so neat, nothing seems to be crazy expensive - just a fun read and hopefully some ideas I can add to the "to do" list with my niece this summer! :) YEAH!

So there! Enjoy discovering something new and feel free to share a new blog with me! I love finding something else to read and follow! :)

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