Monday, May 23, 2011

Train ride to home wonderful visit is wrapping up. I have many wonderful memories to take with me and treasure always. Sherry is one of those special friends that you dont see for several years and the minute I got off the train it was like we were together yesterday. So special having a friendship like that. Even Sam, her German Sheppard, remembered me and greeted me like an old friend!

I will say, on my way into Tuscaloosa, seeing the areas flattened by the tornadoes was very upsetting. I can't imagine seeing my beautiful little house that I love so much in complete destruction. I want to cry imagining how strong these people are and will need to be. Please pay.

We were watching the Joplin tornado last night. It was hard to see another town suffering just like this one. I'm keeping than in my prayers, too.

Folks, I am looking forward to being home and seeing Muffin. I've really missed her, along with my family and my man. :) I promise to post pics soon! Sweet dreams!

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