Friday, May 13, 2011

New Found Treasures.

Gary with a Geocache

It's a bit nerdy and/or dorky, but it's fun! Whipping out the cell phone, searching for the coordinates and then tracking down the hidden treasure - it's Geocaching!  Gary and I dipped our toes into these waters last night, finding two rather quickly (thanks to his clever eye!) and logging in our finds at

These little hidden treasures are EVERYWHERE around you.   It's really cool to find the treasures right in plain sight that I've passed by a million times and never noticed.  So cool to be one of those people "in the know!"

Check it out - there are various difficult levels, wheelchair accessible options, on the beaten path, off the beaten path, so on and so forth. Join me in the adventure! :)


On an unrelated note:  I planted flowers in the flower bed at work!  I figure I spend A LOT of time here, walking in and out of the door beside the sketchy looking flower bed, which was so depressed looking it just made me sad.  So, I forked out the money and invested some TLC into the area.  Don't know much about flowers, but I used a Red, White and Blue theme to match the Elections Office and Veteran's Office. :)  Love it! Am enjoying walking out and looking at it and random times during the day.  (Again, I'm a dork, but I've already made this confession, so you shouldn't be shocked, right?)

I have no idea why we planted right around the rock, as if we couldn't move it. It's just always there, so I guess I figured it just needed to stay. Look at the adorable mini rose bush!  Got it for $5 at Lowe's (and bought three more yellow/pink ones for my house!)  That rose makes me happiest!

Ya'll have a GREAT weekend and if nothing else, I'll see you back here for Muffin Monday!

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