Monday, April 6, 2015

Where oh where are you tonight?

Do y'all remember Hee Haw? And they'd sing, "Where oh where are you tonight? Why did you leave me here all alone? I searched the world over, I thought I found true love, you met another and *bblllttthhhh* you were gone!"

Sorry, just a little random thought from my head. A friend told me she hadn't seen a blog post from me in forever and she missed it. I would never imagine people would miss these random posts of mine. I'm very flattered. 

So I'll share a few Easter pics first - my heart beats the names of these two girls. 

Ok enough of that. Sorry - I had a great week with them. Took a few days off during their spring break to spend with them. We headed to a children's museum - Edventure- and had a pretty good time. I think they were prepping for summer so some exhibits were closed. Oldest Sweet Niece and I caught Cinderella - a MUST for Downton Abbey fans!!! She loved it and I loved it. 

These kids really do crack me up. 

Baby Sweet Niece went to a birthday party for Ellie Bellie, whose family are huge Clemson fans! The Clemson Tiger Cub made an appearance and he was great. 

So yes, you would think life revolves around these two girls and it sometimes does. But we have other things going on. Like my sister is having some surgery tomorrow, please say a prayer for her. And I have this annoying pain in my left side about all the time. It's achey and not very much fun (imagine!). I've also discovered berry flavored Tums and they are my friend. 

But on a lighter note, I'm currently wrapped up in The Voice - if you are addicted, too, give me a shout out. I have a few favs already. This show is just packed with talent. Seriously. 

Of you read- thank you. I'll do a better job of posting :) sweet dreams, peeps! 

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  1. I prayed for your sister, Beth. I hope your ache goes away! The Voice is something my boys do not like at all, so I watch it on Hulu. I did catch the last two acts last night. I'll have to see the rest before I give you my picks. ;)


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