Wednesday, April 29, 2015

One of those days

We all have them. You come home with a headache that is driving you crazy. I hate taking meds so I usually just ride it out, but this sucker is annoying. We have another special election coming up and it's wearing me out. Our normal "down time" doesn't exist anymore because of all the special elections at this point. So ready for my vacation. :)

You know what ways makes me happy- adorable pics of the sweet nieces!! 

Yes, I should crop this but I'm lazy tonight. This was from the weekend - love it! 

Yeah yeah I should crop - but check out this hilarious face!!! Hahahahaha. She does this stuff to make us laugh. And she's still only two!! Sheesh. 

The girls worked together to create my sister a Mother's Day gift. I won't show you the final product yet but she is going to love it. Even the two-year-old participated! Gonna be great. 

It's a rough pic but it's my sweet niece! 💗💗💗

What am I doing besides working? I'm reading in Nehemiah and I'm really enjoying it. Reminders like God always loves you and always hears you. 

"But you are a God of forgiveness, gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in loving kindness, and you do not forsake them." 
Nehemiah 9:17

That is a higher power I want to follow. One that will always be by my side even though I'm not always faithful to Him. His love is so great I can't truly comprehend it. We always compare it to something we know of here on earth and there is no comparison. 

So that's life here. Hoping your life is going well wherever you are. Stop and say hello before you jet off. :)  I'll see you again soon! 

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