Sunday, March 8, 2015

I made a new play friend!

Happy Sunday! I'm not ready to start a new week but here it is, ready or not! I want to share a new scrapbook with you - I haven't scrapped in a while but this was great fun. It will go to a teen girl that bought all this stuff and never did anything with it. She sent it to me because she knew I scrapped. So I turned it into a book for her and will send it back to her. :)

It was a lot of fun to put this together for her. I was home sick with the stomach bug, which I give to my brother, too, (aren't I nice!?) and knocked this out.

My weekend was a rough one. My heart took a few whacks - ok smacked me sideways - and I'm still pretty sad. God has a reason for everything and hopefully it's lessons learned on all sides. 

But then I also had a wonderful time watching Macy on the mall playground making friends. She walks up to a girl, gives her an awkward hug and says, "I love you!"  And they played chase and slide and hop and just had a great time. As she's running by me and mom she yells, "Look y'all! I made a new play friend!!" There were actually two girls - sisters - and when they left Macy cried that her sisters had gone. Hahaha I had to explain they weren't HER sisters :) Too funny! 

Check out the cake I made for my brother and sister in law. White chocolate pound cake. I didn't really get to taste it (stomach bug) but hopefully her coworkers enjoyed the leftovers.

Ok I'm ready to pack this weekend up and put it away. It's bedtime for me. I'm zonked. Sweet dreams friends. :)

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