Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekday Getaway

Since 2012, our family has experienced a series of stressful and kinda odd medical issues. After a while, the stress builds up and really makes you tired. Even if the medical issues aren't yours, when it's people you love, you still take it on.

This week, mid-week, mom and dad were able to getaway to the mountains for a few nights and just be together. Funny, they spent time updating their will while they were there. But, when your kids of 34, 39, and 43 are still being given a guardian should you pass's probably time to update. Problem is, when do you have time for those discussions? So they made time. I'm so glad they were able to go enjoy themselves mid-week when the crowds were non-existent. 

So because I'm not posting regular, I'm not keeping up with what pics I've already put here. Hopefully, these aren't repeats. 

Mom an Dad got Macy a swingset for their house. An early birthday present. She calls it her playground and absolutely loves it! She's not quite tall enough to get on the swing and seesaw alone, but that a good thing. Maybe she won't outgrow it so fast! 

Mom and Dad in the mountains :)

Sweet Niece AH is home! So glad - she spent most of yesterday at my house. She's so talented. She and Macy painted something for Katie for Mother's Day. Then Aliah painted something for her mom. She did a jam up job and I'll share once they are gifted. :)

So my parents found several old wedding photographs at a yard sale a few years back and bought them for me. They figured I could find something crafty to do with them but I haven't done anything with them yet. Any ideas? 

Ok it's time to get out of this bed and get moving. Church is in a few hours and I need a shower and breakfast. See ya later, alligator! 

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  1. We need to update our will, too. We keep talking about it, but don't do it. That old wedding photo is so perfect. I have no idea how to use it, though. ;)


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