Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sweet Niece Becomes a Teen!

I've missed my oldest Sweet Niece lately - she's getting to that age where she's on the go.  This weekend she received her Valentine's Day gifts on Friday, then her birthday gifts on Saturday and Sunday.  So the girl racked up this weekend!

My sister and I planned a birthday experience for Saturday. Stop One took us to a clay cafe where Aliah chose a cross and an owl to paint. We both tried their paint chip method so I'm excited to see how the colors melt and blend. I think she really enjoyed the painting experience. 

See the jar full of paint chips? You sprinkle them on your pottery and they melt in the firing process. 

After devouring Pringles and chocolates while we painted, Sweet Niece was hungry again, which brought us to Stop Two: her choice of restaurants and she picked Panaras. 

Sweet Niece was soooo happy to score a table beside the fireplace! Broccoli and cheese soup made her a happy camper, too. 

Stop Three: Blush for a manicure!! 

When I left, she had a dayglo pink picked out but somewhere along the line it switched to crazy orange. With a tiger stripe pattern on her ring fingers :) 

Toss in a little shopping and more chocolate and you have her birthday experience package! We had a great day with her - so much fun celebrating her entry into the TEEN AGE! Aaahhhhhh!!! 

This wild-haired child is what we found at home. Gracious. She was not happy about being left behind but the day was for the birthday girl.

Thankfully today she was looking a bit more like a sweet little girl- even if sweet isn't used to describe the Terrible Twos she's going through lately. Sheeeesh. 

So thankful God brought both these girls into my life. Sweet Niece #1 came to us at age seven, and my, how she has grown since then. So proud of the young lady she is becoming. :)

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  1. Happy birthday to her. I didn't realize she and Ethan were the same age!


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