Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Alone With Spring

Today I saw a butterfly
A splash of color for its wings
Oh what a joyous feeling
For I knew that it was Spring!

I started walking through the meadow
And there around my feet
I saw a garden of little daisies
So simple and so sweet.

As I came near the forest
There was no sign of gloom
For there before my very eyes
The dogwoods were in bloom.

The birds were oh so happy
As they nested in the trees
I just lay down and rested
And listened to the humming of the bees.

As I lay there peaceful and contented
A thought came slowly stealing
How we need to be alone with nature
When we have hurts that need healing.

For sometimes we're too busy
To hear God answer when we pray
But if we get quiet and listen
He will answer in His way.

As I lay there peaceful and contented
I drifted off to sleep
And had a dream so precious
The memory I shall always keep.

I dreamed I was in Heaven
And nothing could compare
To the beauty and the Glory
That I beheld up there!

My great-aunt, whom I ADORED, wrote this poem.  It was printed in the bulletin of her sister's funeral service last month.  Her sister was the last of that generation - a generation of strong working women that knew how to stand on their own two feet.  The author aunt and her husband raised the husband's sister as their own child, their parents passing at a young age.  Unfortunately, my great-aunt's husband also passed away young and she never remarried.  I just adored her so very much and I think she liked me, too.  She started writing to me in college and we continued until her health took away her ability to write. So I would just send cards and letters.  I had no idea she wrote poetry! this is such a treasure! Such a special person and this poem reflects that - she knew what her life was about and where she would go in the end.  So thankful for that and for her influence in my life.

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