Sunday, February 1, 2015

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!! We'll be piling in at Mom and Dad's to eat and watch commercials! Can't wait - I deliberately did not watch any commercials beforehand so they will all be a surprise :) You can tell I have my priorities straight. Haha!

Judging from my Timehop, I had the flu this time last year and missed all the excitement at Mom's house. So far I've avoided it so let's hope that continues. 

For those of you who are Susan Branch fans - Rabbit Rabbit Girlfriends! 

Yesterday I was a determined woman. More determined to not do housework and instead, create. But I really set my mind to it, tuned tv to my beloved PBS and I managed two fair-sized projects. 

The first - an initial with burlap and buttons for the aunt that gave me a ton of buttons. I'm not 110% sold on it, but it will do. Making straight lines with round objects is a bit tough. How do you like that little angel? It was mom's - maybe grandma's? I need to ask mama. But she stays in the cabinet year round. 

Second, I decided to make a quilt. I bought more fabric to match this other cloth I had, only to realize the nine square design needed just two. Not willing to break up the five matching yards, I went with this: sprinkles and lines. (Let me say - why on earth I ever chose lines is beyond me.) Above is my first square! I was so excited and pretty darn motivated at this point. However, I had no idea how many squares were required even for a baby blanket!!! 

After lots of ironing, cutting, sewing, ripping out, sewing, ironing, repeat: I ended up with this: 

It's pretty small - not even baby blanket size. More of a plop-your-kid-in-the-middle-of-the-floor-on-this-blanket size. To let you in on a little secret about me, I couldn't handle the asymmetrical look of it starting on a pattern block but ending on a blue block (this is a 4x4 block) so I made my own pattern that would be symmetrical. ;) 

Next I have to add two borders and I'll be ready to back it and add batting. I'm not sure my machine is made for that - guess well see when that time comes. But that time ain't today because today is church and Super Bowl commercials :)

Go Seahawks! (Simply because I like their colors)! And Puppy Bowl! Y'all can let me know what commercials you liked best tomorrow because I'm all into that. If I remember my charger, I usually tweet through the whole thing with #brandbowl tags. :) can't wait!


  1. Hey! It's me Lee Ann. I got your card today and now your blog. I can't wait to read it more!

  2. P.S. I will be putting another letter in the mail tomorrow.

  3. You did a great job! You need to design quilts. If you're particular about color patterns then you could just design your own! Oh, and you can use all those fabrics for a scrappy 9 block look. It would be beautiful. You can't really go wrong with scrappy quilts. Sorry your Seahawks didn't win. I went with the Patriots because my daughter has always been patriotic and would pull for the Patriots because of their name and colors when she was little. Still does. ;)


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