Thursday, February 19, 2015

A wee catch up

Where on earth have I been? Who knows. No where exciting, that's for sure. But I'm here now! Yippie!!

I'm in the South and the South got hit with snow and ice. In my neck of the woods It was ICE. Macy was happy to play in it anyway. I wasn't as happy to drive in it... 

I made it into work, however, it was a tense drive. Halfway there it looked much better, thank heavens. Now the ice is gone but we the having insane cold temps for this area. This better severely dent the bug population this summer. 

I finally finished this piece of paint your own pottery. No clue how it will look once it's fired. Hopefully I'll pick it up this weekend, while I paint another with my Sweet Niece #1 as she turns 13! What!?!? 13! How did this happen!?! But it's true, she'll be 13 soon. Heaven help. 

I had wanted to finish this before her birthday but I don't see that happening. It's very busy - probably not the best choices in fabric but I think she'll like it. Or I hope she will. 

Ugh. I better go get a faucet dripping since it's already 13 degrees outside. Sigh. Y'all stay warm!!! 

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