Friday, August 1, 2014

It's Friday? Time for Letters!

Again, my days are all screwed up from taking a day off in the middle of the week. Not that I would trade that day in for a work day... hahaha... but it does get confusing. I spent HALF A DAY cleaning my kitchen. Serious Deep Clean. Now my fridge is empty - and I'm totally not kidding about this. But maybe that's good. I can restock it with healthier choices (after the beach trip, of course...)  All this to say it doesn't feel like a Friday. But it is Friday, therefore, it's time for letters.


Dear Pintrest... I know you think all of your ideas are wonderful, BUT not all of us are perfect crafty people. Macy helped paint the four canvases and the pic on the right is what I imagine the final product will somewhat look like.  Cross your fingers for me.

Dear Macy, why are you growing up so quickly?? Look how long legged you've become! (I asked her when did she get big enough to crawl into that chair by herself and she said, "Aunt Bef, I grew!" hahaha). And because I can - here is another photo of her in her mommy's classroom:

Dear Coworker - thank you for going through the stack of doctor's bill and EOBs and matching everything up for me. The growing stack was very intimidating, but your expertise helped me out so much!  Now, who wants to pay these things?? :)


Dear Lego Movie - you really did crack me up! You are hilarious! Frozen, you were good, too. I surprisingly loved you! Now to watch Last Vegas and get these movies returned before I have to pay for another night.

Dear Big Brother - Oh my.  You are so bad for me. I stay up late reading your feeds and I wake up and start all over with more feeds. At least ya'll are interesting this year. Judd is still my fav (oh how I wish he would make a guest appearance in the house!) but ya'll are pretty entertaining.

Ok, I'm off to do battle with my insurance company and see what they'll do for me.  Ya'll have a gerat weekend (stay dry, it's pouring buckets here) and I'll see you next week. :)

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  1. I think you'll have a great piece of art work when it's all finished. Why do they grow up so quickly? I still can't believe the girls are 4 and 2 now....and it's AUGUST! I'm glad you had someone to help you with all the bills, insurance mess. Praying you'll have it taken care of and that you'll be back to normal soon!


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