Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday's Letters.

Oh my gracious, I just read Renee's blog over at Southern Gal Thoughts and just sniffed my way through the video at the end.  Sniff Sniff - go check it out.

Today is F.R.I.D.A.Y. and that means it's time for LETTERS!   :)   :)    :)

Dear Pumpkin,
You are the greatest excitement in the office these days.  Watching you grow bigger each day just amazes me! See how little you were... and then you started turning orange... and look at you today! Wow, so cool! So, anyone know when the appropriate time is to pick a pumpkin?

 This was YESTERDAY!!! 

 And here is today! :) 

Dear Kohls, 
I adore you right now.  Finding a $139 purse for $27.00 and a few shirts for me and Sweet Niece #1, being able to use Kohl's Cash AND a coupon on my phone - OH YEAH! I'm so very very happy with you right now.  (Can I insert a plug for Retail Me Not here because I always try to hit their website on my phone before I check out anywhere... great coupon website!)

Dear Readers, (aka, my purple reading glasses), 
I'm trying to get used to you.  I feel like a dork taking you off and putting you back on a dozen times a day. But you do seem to be helping me see which is a good thing. :)

Dear House, 
You are being cleaned today. No, I'm serious this time. Big Brother is over for the week so no more excuses about TV.  You. Are. Being. Cleaned. TONIGHT. (at the very least by tomorrow.) 

Ok weekend, I'm ready to play! :)  I'm off to say bye to my pumpkin and I'll see ya'll next week! :)

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  1. Isn't it sweet? It's one that Ann Voskamp shared and I had to share it, too. I probably should have put that on my blog. I'll have to edit it. I can't wait to see if the pumpkins we planted will grow. Where did you find your reading glasses? and I love shopping at Kohl's when I get to the big city. Can't beat their sales.


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