Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday's Letters

This time last week, I was at Edisto, preparing to head for home.  Not that I really want to be back there right at this moment (you want to talk about hot and sticky, not that it's any better up here...), but I do miss being lazy and kicking back. Well, life marches right along, so let's get to some letters.

Dear Edisto, I enjoyed your relaxing properties...including the fact there is nothing to do while visiting you but relax.  That's a good thing!  Loved seeing the dolphins, shrimp boats and even enjoyed shopping at the Pig-Lo (was a Piggly Wiggly and now a Bi-Lo... a Pig-Lo.)  See you next summer!

what a horribly grainy photo
Dear bunnies in my yard, you make me so incredibly happy.  You are mostly tame at this point, hopping around my flower beds, my car, the pine trees - you seem to enjoy life and each other's friendship, and that makes me smile.

Dear God, thank you for the beautiful sunsets you've shared with me lately. So wonderful! Thanks for getting my whole crowd feeling better, for giving us a restful vacation and safe travels to and from, for my Pen Pals new wonderful job she starts soon!, and for so many other blessings.  I'm wandering about directionless right now, looking for a devotional to start, so please guide me in Your direction? Thanks.

Dear Crafty Gene, I've so enjoyed your sparks this week! I finally finished up the LOVE canvas that my 2-year-old sweet niece started and I completed the NOEL blocks from two years ago? I know, how horrible is that. But I love them and can't wait to display them this Christmas! (oh let's get real, they'll stay there until Christmas...).  More details on the Love canvas here...

Dear Seaside Tree, You have REALLY made me happy this week.  Starfish, seashells and many good vibes adorn your fake branches, your soft glowing lights soothe my frazzled nerves.  You are much sunshine. :) Or maybe my starlight... (should I decorate you for fall or leave you alone??)

And last but not least, you - the travelling fair - oh my, you were the highlight of my trip for training this week.  Seeing your gaily decorated rides and silly concepts (a strawberry tilt-o-whirl??) were the entertainment I needed to finally wake up until we made it back to the office.  Please treat the kids nicely, wherever you were headed, and please pass all your safety checks!

And that is a wrap, folks. I'm headed to mom and dad's for some burritos with the family and sweet nieces! Have a great weekend!

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