Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I told you I would come back to my Edisto photos... I just needed a little time. Here are some pics that came from my real camera (vs. my or mom's cell phone).

Sweet Niece #1 hanging with the frog at the aquarium

Baby sweet niece

Preteen sweet niece

Sister Love! 

My sister and the youngins 
Little girl LOVED the beach

There you have it - sweet nieces on the beach.  We got so many great photos of the girls I see many photo frames in the future, filled with beachie pics.  :)

So on a totally unrelated note, I read a devotional this weekend about being encouraging to those around us.  You know - Don't be a hater, be a celebrator! It really hit home for me because I know I'm very judgemental. I may disguise my comments so very slightly but the receiver knows it's some kind of a put down, disapproval, etc. Basically, it's not making the person feel better.  How ugly is that? Why would I want to be that kind of person? So I'm trying to stop these types of words coming out of my mouth. It's slow. I'm not sure I'm seeing improvement yet, but it's so heavy on my heart I do believe I can improve. It's like now that I've had my attention drawn to it, I really see the ugliness in it and I want to clean it up. So pray that I change. :)

Ya'll go have a great week. :) I'll see you back here in a few days.

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