Sunday, May 4, 2014

Still running ...

To catch up on my photography posts. Argh!  Again, work life is busy and it interferes with my schedule of photos hahaha. Enjoy a few of the photos from April 23-29. Or close to that time period.

Thursday April 24? Yum. When work takes me out of my typical city, I get excited to eat different food. The carrots were nasty- the rest was tasty! 

Friday, April 25, I had a visitor to my class! Is this pup not the cutest thing you've ever seen?!? He just LOOKS smart. 

Saturday was spent doing yard work and oh my gosh it made me sore. During a break, Little Miss Sunshine came to visit. She would pull on my doorknob and say, "I'm going to get some toys!"  Haha don't worry, I eventually let her in to jump on the bed. 

One of my first blooms this year. So happy to see the beautiful colors coming back!  12 bags of mulch from Lowes didn't even handle half of what I needed. It's been taken care of now with 2 cubic feet of mulch. Who knew it would take so much???

So there you go, the other week I missed. Y'all have a wonderful week, enjoy the beautiful weather and come back to see me in a few days, ok? 

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  1. You've been MIA! Love the beautiful rose. And did I tell you my dad and his dad and his dad were railroad men? Yep.


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