Saturday, May 31, 2014

Goodness gracious

I'm still alive and kicking. Swamped at work and posting online is at the bottom of the list. But this morning, before I go back in, I thought I'd catch up a little.

I left off at May 7. This was on my way home, the net keeps most golf balls out of the road. It was just something about the sunset and net. :)

May 8 - do you see how tall this little girl is getting??? Nothing is safe, she can stretch and snag about anything. 

May 11 - Happy Mother's Day!!! I enjoy making new cakes for holidays and such so I tried a German Chocolate Pound Cake for my mom for Mother's Day lunch. It wasn't bad!

May 11 - My lovely Mother, sweet niece and Sister. Taken at church on Mother's Day. The two best Mama's I know!

May 13 - she was so happy about her apple!  Mom painted the cute chairs for her and sweet niece loves them. 

May 18 - Macy decided to let PawPaw wear her Cinderella sunglasses. They didn't quite fit his noggin! 

May 19 - someone dumped all her toys out to use the bucket at a hat. She was still in her hat when I left that morning. Do you see the one crazy curl in the front?? 

May 23 - Riding with Aunt Beth and MawMaw to see PawPaw's new shop. She definitely looks older than almost two to me. 

Well, that's a pretty good start to catching up. I hate all my pics are of Sweet Niece, but lately it's been all work and little play. Things will slow down in July ;) thanks for visiting and enjoying the pictures! 

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