Monday, May 12, 2014

Catching up again

I had to go back an see where I left off!  Finally, I'm into May!

Thursday, May 1: Somewhere behind Joey, Snoopy and Peter Rabbit is a Macy. She sure is crazy about her stuffed animals and babies. 

Friday I wrapped up classes for the week and changed locations for the upcoming week. And the crappy company car started acting weird so it was all around an adventure. 

Saturday I finally finished with my flower beds. So happy about that!! A truckload of mulch wrapped that up. 

After I rested I was anxious to get out for a bit. Thankfully, my sweet niece AH was game and we hit party City for some bday supplies. Baby Sweet Niece turns 2 in June. What a great time- AH is a trip. And our trip included candy and Krispy Kreme, so we were both pretty happy. 

Sunday pics are already posted- the photo shoot with the girls. Those kids crack up.   

Tuesday. Do you see how happy my roses are with their new mulch? And the guy gave me a free upgrade- awwww yeah! Cedar-which is a natural repellant for bugs and cats! Yay! 

There you go - life last week. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day! :)

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