Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Photo Challenge Wednesday: 6

This is another week of sickies, but thankfully I'm feeling better.  Especially as I sit here and watch tons of snow coming down with the expectation of up to 5 or more inches over the next few days. Heaven help - I'm Southern, I don't like cold weather!

Anyway... moving on to this week's photos, starting with Wednesday, February 5...

Ready for bed... ZZzzzzz....
Wednesday, February 5: My first mostly full day back at work! Woo hoo! So happy to be feeling better and getting life back to normal. I've been sleeping for up to 10 hours at a time, so it's about time for me to get back to the ho-hum regular life.

Macy concentrating on the Ipad 
Driving to work with a pretty sunrise
Thursday, February 6: I worked ALL DAY! And saw Macy for the first time in ages (or so it feels...) She plopped herself in my lap for me to read to her. Melts my heart.

As soon as Dad laid down in the floor (with a leg cramp!) Macy hopped right on top of him,
like he was her personal jungle gym! hahaha
Driving home - isn't this tree so pretty?
Friday, February 7:  The opening ceremonies for the Olympics! I love the Olympics and thought it was a beautiful start to the games. Yes, I know the stupid snowflake didn't open, but seriously - there was SO MUCH MORE TO IT than just that! Dang... let it go already.  Best wishes for ALL athletes to be safe and compete fairly and ethically.

Susan Branch calendar!! My first, I'm so excited! 
Found this in Books a Million.  Really? Cats love it? Really?!
Saturday, February 8: Mom has been so sick and really wanted to get out of the house but hasn't felt up to it.  So we did a quick run out to pick up some felt and this WONDERFUL calendar by Susan Branch.  Don't know who she is? Oh, please visit her site and check her out. I really enjoyed the outing with Mom... glad she's doing a bit better and back to keeping Sweet Niece #2 again.

Sweet Niece #1's feet sticking out of the Princess Tent.
So good to see her this weekend! She cracks me up!
Sunday, February 9: We all skipped church with the coughs and aches. Lost power briefly, but it allowed Dad to test out the generator for the coming snow this week.  I gave Sweet Niece #1 another Valentine - MadLibs Valentines and she had a BLAST with it! We all laughed ourselves silly over her crazy valentines! She is such a joy and a lifesaver to Katie since she basically kept the baby this past weekend.  Everyone else in the house was sick!  Of course, Sunday night = DOWNTON ABBEY!!!! A.D.O.R.E. that show. 

Will you be my valentine?
Monday, February 10:  I finished up sewing these felt hearts and delivered the last batches this morning.  I counted it up and realized I made more than 50 felt hearts, which were sent all over the country.  I can't explain to you how much joy I received by sharing a little bit of handmade love with friends.  This bowl held the reminder, but now I'm down to just four. :) *love*

Cold feet? My coworkers sock-covered piggies hugging the heater.
Bye Sweet Niece! Aunt Beth has to go to work!
Tuesday, February 11:  The minute I walked out of the house, I was hit with SNOW. Fat wet flakes making the morning a little chilly.  Sweet Niece #1 wished me well on my way to work, blowing me kisses.  Once again, I'm at my desk, watching the snow pour down.  Sounds like we are in for a serious storm here in South Carolina, so I hope all you Southerners stay safe and warm.  I don't plan on leaving my house once I get in it! More Olympics tonight - Eeiikk! Ice skating, which is my favorite in the winter games.  And I so hope we won't be expected to drive in this mess tomorrow... ya'll, say a prayer because I despise driving in snow and ice.

And so, I'm scheduling this to post Wednesday morning in hopes I'll still be home in my warm bed, WITH POWER!  :)  Hope you are enjoying the photo challenge as much as I am. :)

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  1. I've missed a post or two, I see. I'm glad you're feeling better. Is it snowing there? It's really coming down again here. I hope the ice holds off. Those hearts are adorable, by the way.


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