Monday, October 5, 2015

Pure Love.

This weekend my sister-in-law brought two amazingly beautiful baby boys into this world. It's been a very difficult pregnancy but she has been so strong and fought for her babies every step of the way.

So Sunday morning at 12:03 am, two handsome boys entered this great big earth. Liam is 2 lbs 9 oz and Kellan is 1 lb 13 oz. they have a long road ahead and you know we would appreciate your prayers. 

Here I am visiting with Liam. These boys are so cute. And already showing personality!  So cool. 

Ok y'all, don't spill the beans on this ... I've been working on floor quilts for each boy. Here is one - the very first quilt top I've ever made. It's backed in flannel so this side can go face down and the baby will have soft fleece to play on. 

Here is the second, not backed yet but will be soon. This is a brick pattern and I really like it. May do this for Macy, just make it bigger. These are 40 x 40. 

The next photos show a gift I mailed to a friend in Columbia who is expecting.  

I just realized the completed photos are on my camera so these don't show the buttons. Oh well. You get the idea: burp cloth and matching bib. I've really enjoyed my sewing machine lately and wonder if I should try to sell these things. I don't know - we'll wait and see.  

(She is so cute!!) 
This is the week before the massive floods hit SC. I live in the upstate and while we were due 10" of rain, we got no were near that. The system stayed south of us and pummeled Columbia. That place is in a mess. I promise you, no one in Columbia has flood insurance. I just can't imagine what some are enduring. Please pray. 

I'm off to read some in Isaiah and wrap up my night :) thanks for your prayers! Night night! 


  1. Yay! Those sweet baby boys are here! I'll be praying for Liam and Kellan. I know you're a proud aunt.

    The quilts are amazing! And the bibs and burp cloths look fabulous. What did you use to back those? I've used terry cloth and flannel before. I am making something for a baby shower for Thursday. I have to actually get started before I say "making." ;) Motivation is lacking lately.

  2. I'm rediscovering your blog this morning and catching up!


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