Saturday, September 26, 2015

This Prayer Chain is Sponsored By...

So last night and the day before we had another incident in our family and quite frankly, I just don't think any of us had it in us to add the family to our church's prayer chain again. I mean, really, just name it after us. Give us sponsorship rights or something.

But once again, God pulled us through and the best possible scenario was given to us. So thankful. SOOOOOOO thankful. Can you please continue to pray for us? I appreciate it. 

So there is good news: my unborn twin nephews are continuing to grow and do well and their mama is doing well, too! We are so thankful for every day they hang tight. Tomorrow is 27 weeks!! This is huge- doctors are really wanting to see them make it to 28 weeks. Very close! :)

My friend in Alabama has seen successes with her husband. Successes we have all been praying for and hoping for and just when things get worse, BOOM, success happens. She is one of the most faithful and faith-based people I know. Seeing her in this time she's dealing with has also been encouraging. 

Ok so a blog post without pics is not exciting. Let's see what I have in my phone...

Serious - how cute is this!? 

I really want something like this in the house. Then I think about storing it - hmmm but it's so pretty!!!

Do you see this curl??? I love tugging this curl. Everyone seems so fascinated with her hair. I know we are because we have ZERO cute curls in our family. But everyone in the public loves it, too. 

Ok it's time to get moving. Y'all have a great autumnal weekend. :)


  1. Beth, you've been on my heart lately. I was thinking of the babies and believing no news is good news. I'm so happy to hear they (and your sister-in-law) are doing so well. Whatever it is you all are going through right now, I know your faith is strong and you are looking to the One who can heal and protect. Hugs.

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