Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Late Night

Another night of early rising - three something in the morning. Should have never picked up my phone. It surely doesn't help me want to go back to sleep. Instead I find myself pinning dozens of quilt patterns and playing Words With Friends.

As I was surfing the web instead on sleeping tonight, I found this post on Instagram. She left this on someone else's page-I don't know either of them but I liked it: 

Another family member is back in the hospital. Been there since Wednesday night. We are pretty worn out and we are all lacking sleep. We are tired of being tired and tired of being so worried. Our preacher came by the hospital and read Psalm 42 & 43 to us and it just seemed to fit us. The writer is suffering deeply from something and cries out to God. As my preacher said - it reminds me of y'all with the years of suffering you have had. He said while we may not understand it today - or ever - God is with us. 

Here is Psalm 43:  

I don't know - maybe it will help someone else out there. 

The preacher made me smile - he's trying hard to encourage us but with medical issue after issue after issue - it's hard to explain why people are allowed to suffer. So he said several times - keep hope and look at the success with the babies. ;) 

And we are SO THANKFUL for their progress!! I miss seeing my sweet nephews so much. The hospital Is about an hour away and I am required to have one of their parents with me to visit. Just difficult to schedule. But they are doing well and are handsome little fighters. 

I've had some Macy time as it's her daddy in the hospital. She is struggling with the emotions of not having her parents with her much and not understanding all the tension. Please pray for all these situations. 

Slumber party at MawMaw and PawPaw's house!!! For both of us! 

Sweet nieces at a local produce stand. I tried getting Christmas Card pics but had little luck. These smiles are beautiful though. 

Volleyball season wrapped up a last week and we are very proud of AH and her team. They improved over last year tremendously! 

Let's not discuss how much she's grown. Sniff sniff 

Preschool field trip. Seems someone loved the stick horse so MawMaw is making her one. 

Yesterday after Mommy got home from the hospital we had a front porch picnic. Macy was so glad to see her Mommy. She cried when we left to go up there. This evening when Katie came home after work and then the hospital, Macy grabbed her in a huge hug and said, "We are back together again!" So hard to juggle all life has put on their plates right now and know where to be and what balls not to drop. So tough.

A friend suggested I focus more on the positive. And there are positives!!! 

The sweet twins are getting stronger and have so many wonderful people praying for them. 

My dad got to meet his grandsons and introduce himself as Pop :) 

The support from our pastor, our church family, definitely our family and so many friends and friends of friends that we'll never know - thank you!!

S'mores with the family around the fire pit and eating too many marshmallows! 

The days have been beautiful, allowing us to enjoy the outdoors and Macy has been swinging her heart out. 

I'm so thankful I was able to attend AH's last game of the season, even though it was on an Election Day. God worked that one out! 

Every time my brother calls mom about a baby update, I can tell it just touches her heart. She's totally invested into her grandsons and hearing news is important to her. So glad Clay is keeping in good touch with her. 

A dear friend won her court case. Yay!! 

Rogers very life was in danger but the doctors were able to turn things around. Great nurses and doctors in the ICU, too! They deserve a lot of respect. 

My workplace has been so good about letting me off to take the day shift at the hospital with no guilt. They've texted and checked on us, too. 

Wow. An hour later and I'm wrapping this up. Y'all thanks for letting this be a place I can download emotions. It's hard to find someone to talk to when everyone around you is living it, too. 

Thanks for your prayers. :)

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  1. Oh, Beth. I am so sorry you all are having to go through all these health issues, I think your friend hit it right on the head. Dwell on the positives. Count the blessings. They far outnumber the bad things that are happening even though the bad things are so big it seems impossible. I love your list of blessings! Praying for you all. (And I think that photo of your nieces is the perfect Christmas card photo just like it is. I think I told you on instagram I don't think I've ever seen such true smiles on them!)


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