Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sweet dreams?

Another sleepless night in SC. Blogging helped before so maybe again? (Haha I managed to bore myself I sleep!!) Night before last I messed my schedule all up by falling asleep crazy early by accident. Then I was awake from 11:30 pm - 2 ish am. Ugh.

I haven't been perfect but I have been keeping with the five things I'm thankful for each day. Here are a few:
- the twins are continuing to do good and grow. Liam is over 3 lbs and Kellan is over 2 lbs. so many people are touched by these little fighters. Love them. 
- Mom and I spent time shopping today and she got a great start to Christmas - and a lot of WOW deals. 
- Roger had two follow up appointments and both specialists - cardio and ent - have given him good news! Yay! 
- The family met up at Panera to celebrate Angela's birthday and it was just a great family time. 
- Macy is doing really well about wearing her glasses. Not sure if it's helping but at least she is doing her part. 
- God really worked out some drama at work and I'm so thankful for it! 
- We are getting a cost of living raise backdated to July and I'm very thankful. It will help with Christmas and hopefully help me breathe easier month to month. 
- An old high school friend I haven't seen in 2+ years stopped by on Halloween with her five children! Glad I bought candy this year! 
- Another friend is having a GIRL! :)

I think I may try this as part of Macy's Christmas. I think it's genius. 

Macy and her mommy at our front porch picnic after Katie came home from visiting the hospital. Hope those days are over for a while. 

Angela at the Panera birthday party and Macy. Mae was allll about Aunt LaLa ad Uncle Clay. I thought this was the sweetest picture. 

Her first involvement with Jack-o-lanterns. Lol. Not sure she was digging on it at first but ended up very enthusiastic. 

Here is Milli from Umizoomi. Yes, I know you haven't heard of it. She loves this tv show and thankfully mom can sew. The red ribbons on the hood are ponytails. See? 

Anyway, one last terrible pic of my cat, Smudge, and me on the porch tonight. 

He was wild and I've managed to tame him to the point I can pick him up and pet him. Awwww...

Ok there are your random pics for a while. :) since it's now 4:30 maybe I can roll over a sleep some more! 

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