Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday *whew*

For whatever reason, life has felt like a out-of-control merry-go-round. Not necessarily in a bad way, just a busy way!  But it's good, at least I'm not bored hahaha :)

I had a very brief but interesting conversation with an  aquaintence at work this week. He was speaking of why he left the church and doesn't follow Christianity any longer (he's looking at other religions, which means he feels a loss that needs to be filled).  His issue was the church he was in - served in a leadership position - didn't handle the finances as he would have preferred. It caused issues and he left with a disheartening view of the religion of Christianity. 

Honestly, I think we've all heard similar stories from someone in our life. The preacher had an affair with the secretary, the Sunday school teacher had child porn on his computer, the choir director was a secret alcoholic. In my personal life: I've had a Sunday School teacher leave his wife after an affair and he became a wild man and another left his wife and went through a crazy mid-life crisis. Yep. It does happen. Another flat out lied to my face - an adult to adult here - and it really disappointed me. Very much so. 

But here's the deal (and what I told him):  all churches and all religions are filled with imperfect people, with sinners who are going to make mistakes and disappoint. But that's not the religion of Christianity. Christianity is built on the almighty and perfect God, the Father, His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. On the understanding that the Lord sent His only Son here, to us, to live a perfect life and die an unjust death, and doing so fulfilled God's promise to give us a way to come to Him. To be with Him for all eternity. 

Don't let the imperfections of people pull you away from the only thing that can save you. I'm not telling you your life will become instantly easy - it doesn't work like that. But you will have God with you through every step of your life (and beyond!) and a new hope. 

Ok so there is my soap box for today. 

One of the bits of recent excitement: my friend, Donna, turned 40!  Very exciting! We enjoyed a trip to Asheville, NC, to BILTMORE! It was beautiful. 

A drive by shot - but seriously, this house is crazy. I enjoyed the booklet that walked you through the house. It really helped you see the details. 

Of course the views were amazing! So beautiful. Can't imagine living in that environment, waking up and see this out of your window. Wowzers. 

School is out! And sweet nieces are happy! Teen niece is happy to be out of school and baby niece is happy to have teen niece home :) so sweet. So so so sweet! 

Ok enough of this. I took today off to clean house and wash clothes. I suppose I should turn off Let's Make a Deal and get to it. Y'all have a great weekend! 

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