Friday, June 19, 2015

Back to Reality

My family and I enjoyed a week at Edisto last week - this past Monday was my return to reality (and work, of course).  As much as I was looking forward to this beach trip, I think I must have forgotten how much I don't really enjoy being hot, sticky and covered in sand. I was definitely ready to come home. Once I uploaded all my pics, I realized we spent a lot of time in the beach house and not so much time on the beach.  The kids were down there more than anyone, but too often a camera wasn't on the beach with them. So you get very few beach photos. :)

It doesn't look real, does it? This is why I love Edisto.  It isn't so crowded you can't move - no, we had the majority of the space to ourselves until mid-morning. It was so nice, so beautiful. 

That speck is my older sweet niece - AH. 

All of us are pretty pasty white, so burning like a crispy critter is always a concern.  Even with tons of spf 50 sun screen, we seem to sizzle up nicely.  So we considered it a success that only two of seven ended up with burn.  The rest was much needed... but I'm used to having only one person in the house with me... so having seven made it a bit tough sometimes.

We came home on Saturday and celebrated Macy's third birthday with just the family on Sunday.  Her larger party will be tomorrow. Just brace yourself for a lot of photos, ok? Because here goes nothing. :)

Macy really wanted a Hello Kitty birthday party, but we are all set for a rainbow party... so I ran to the dollar store and created a quick Hello Kitty theme for her actual birthday (this past Sunday).  Even exhausted (why is it that vacation exhausts you??) we all enjoyed celebrating with her.

 Poster board Hello Kitty heads decorated everything - thankfully she's pretty easy to draw. 

Mom and her HK hat

 The birthday girl and her HK hat. 

 Blowing out the three candles - she got them all first try!

 Even PawPaw got into the festivities! :)

 Macy's daddy and his HK hat!

 Macy's mommy (my sister) and her HK hat

 And me with my sweet niece and HK hat that got chopped off in the pic. haha!

 Macy's gift from her parents was a play house and she is LOVING IT. 
LOVE LOVE LOVEs the house just for her. Is totally fascinated with the mailbox. 
I am going to make little notes that will fit in it for her to find. 

 She does have to duck down to go inside, but that's ok. 

She's yelling at Pawpaw to get out of the truck and come see her.  
Unfortunately, Dad is having some knee issues that are really giving him a fit, so he wasn't walking across the uneven ground. He drove up under a tree and watched from the truck. 

So there are a few pics for you.  You know there will be more once this party tomorrow is wrapped up.  With the south being smothered in extremely high heat temps, we have moved the party from outside to a local church in order to protect the kids.  This heat is nothing to play around with, that's for sure! Hopefully it will break next week.  Sheesh. 

Ya'll have a great weekend.  More pics will come soon! :)

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