Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Whistle While You Work


I'm at home today - took a vacation day - just to clean my house and get it back in order. I have way too much "stuff" cluttering every available surface. Scarves are everywhere, craft project supplies everywhere, clothes I no longer fit in - EVERYWHERE. So I'm rounding this stuff up and trying to find a place for it all. Sigh. 

One good thing, I have the tunes turned up and I am rocking out to a great mix of music. Right now: Fleetwood Mac. Time cast a spell on you, but you won't forget me. I know I could have loved you but you wouldn't let me. Good stuff. 

I really wish I could afford a cleaning service. Darn. 

Mom sent these to me of little sweet niece in the strawberry patch. She'll tell you she doesn't like strawberries but she was eating her fair share. 

Ahh now some Andrew Sisters!  Fun stuff!

The weather has been amazing! We enjoyed s'mores at Mom's house. I haven't eaten that many s'mores and marshmallows in a long time. 

Yesterday I spent my holiday with Macy Mae.  We took some clothes back to Belk that didn't fit her sister then hit the mall playground. She had a blast. Had it to herself for a while but made friends with kids as they came in. After playtime we gobbled up McAlistet's Deli (she ate three packs of Teddy Grahams and applesauce). --side note, now I'm enjoying some Sound of Music,  Sixteen going on seventeen--  on the way home, little miss passed out, and slept two hours after I dropped her off at moms. Then I came home and crashed :) haha

Ok I really need to get up and finish up. I want to sweep and mop but I'm not quite there yet. And I think I'll toss the curtains in the dryer for a dusting off spin. 

I'm off to clean! See y'all later! 

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