Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy New Week!

Hello Darlings! Posting a quick hello before I head for home. (Trust me, I'm ready to go home.)

This weekend was mucho fun! Saturday Macy had the time of her life:  it started with breakfast out, then we hit two playgrounds, rode the train in the mall, rode the kiddie car, kiddie helicopter, kiddie carousel, had an Elmo cookie,... I can't even remember what else! She was loving every minute of it. :)

I wish you could have seen her waving at everyone - it was so cute!
Mom and I hit Verizon where we tried to figure out how much their bill would go up to get both Mom and Dad a new phone, Mom's being a smartphone. It's insane! Now I remember why I like Straight Talk so much. Heaven help!

Unfortunately, that afternoon I became very sick and again, slept at Mom & Dad's house. All my tests are coming back normal, but something still going on, so please keep me in your prayers.

Sunday, Mom and I didn't make it to church, she's still in pain with the shingles. (pray for her, too!).  But I did get rest in, which was so very much needed. Even tried my hand at deviled eggs, which I don't eat but know Mom & Dad like them. I combined three random recipes, so hopefully they were ok.

Did I show you these pictures earlier? It's from when we celebrated my brother's birthday. Katie really had Mace decked out so cute!  These are some of my new favorite photos.

I'm trying hard not to worry so much about whatever is going on with me. I talk to God, I say - God, I know you see this.  I know you see inside and you know what's going on. Please give me the courage to keep on keepin' on and have faith that you've got this. I have three more doctor visits lined up in the next two weeks.  It's funny, I knew I needed to get 140 hours of overtime off the books before September. Well, this is one way to do it! I'm also taking some time off to just spend with Macy at children's museums or going visiting or whatever while Katie gets her classroom ready at school.

Ok folks, tomorrow is double doc appointment.  Wish me well and say a prayer! :) If you are a spiritual person, feel free to post your favorite Bible verse in the comments.  I think it would be really neat! :)  This is what I keep telling myself over and over:

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Thanks ya'll, I'll update again soon. And one more thing - tell me what you think of the button and burlap monogram before I make a bunch of them and ya'll all think they are cheesy!


  1. Sending you prayers! Hopefully they will figure out what is wrong!

  2. Love the button burlap monograms! I always love Isaiah 43:2. It gives me comfort when the hard times come. It's long, so you'll have to go read it. I hope you get good reports and also find out what the trouble is. Hugs!


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