Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Filling in the gaps

Curious where things went from my last post? Oh it's been an adventure...

My sister, after leaving the ER with instructions to make an appointment with her gynecologist in the morning, went home to wait. When her husband called to make an emergecy appointment, he was told they couldn't do anything until the next day. After leaving a message with the nurses station, she called back and said they would do an ultrasound that day, thankfully.  After the ultrasound results, Katie ended up in emergecy surgery - so glad she didn't have to wait another day! The DR was great, she's home recovering.  So thankful for the prayers - God really took care of her through this.

Meanwhile, I started having tightness in my chest and shortness of breath so I ended up in the ER night before last.  After a ton of pills and bloodwork, it seems my heart is ok, but maybe my GI needs to be looked at a little closer.  After the rough night I put in last night, terrified something would happen and I would be alone (I ended up sleeping at my parents' house, and they have Macy, too, so their house was FULL!), I'm ready to figure out what is up.

~~~ Well... I see I never posted this. So let's just update the update how about it? ~~~

I have had a total of two ER visits, four dr visits, one cardiolodist visit with tests to follow, a heart monitor for two weeks (currently in testing mode), tummy dr scheduled for Wednesday. Think I've met my deductible? Hahahaha! But I'm feeling better, I'm eating again and that's a good thing. I dropped about 15 lbs In a week. 

Mom, however, is now battling shingles.  She's in quite a bit of horrible pain, so can you pray for her now? She said it's the worst pain she's ever felt. If you are 60+ I encourage you to get the shingles shot because this is rough stuff. 

We all felt bad for the Fourth of July but we were together and in this awesome great nation, so we celebrated. Macy was too cute, as you can see here for yourself. 

Macy has been a trooper with staying at MawMaws house, going to the sitter, staying at my aunt's house - she has been so good through all the changes. So thankful. 

We explained that her Mommy's belly was hurt so she could sit on Mommy's lap or have Mommy pick her up right now. In this pic, she hugged Katie and said, "Don't worry Mommy, I'll take care of you."  Oh yes, tears to my eyes. Sniff sniff. 

Let's not forget Macy's big sister, who took her first flight to FL for a martial arts competition, where she did very well!! 

Check out that fierce face and focus!! So proud of her - she does so well in this and practices really hard. I'm pretty sure her competition was a good bit older than her, so just more impressive the accomplishment. Go girl!! 

So that's life in a nutshell. I'll end with this: I know I fail God everyday. I know it and I hate it. But He never fails me and never stops loving me. Wow, so thankful to be one of His children, to have Him as my Heavenly Father. 

Ok I'm going to bed. Night y'all!! 

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