Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday's Letters - Woop woop!

Dear Friday's Letters,

I'm so glad it's Friday.  I'm almost always glad it's Friday! :) The week has been a mismash of work and play, but all in all, it's been ok. Let's start on these letters, how about it?

Dear God, Thank You.  Although my news isn't perfect, it's better than what I feared.  I've tried hard to just breathe and have faith that You have the larger picture in mind. I failed many times over the past two months, but you keep picking me back up and giving me a hug. Thanks for your love. And thanks for surrounding me with so many great Christian people who encourage me and pray for me - it's so wonderful. THANK YOU.

Dear Week, two DR appointments in one day isn't exactly fun.Especially when I discover I need READING GLASSES in addition to my contacts? What what? So I'm on a quest to find cute reading glasses. I really want purple.  AND then the tummy doctor said all my tests continue to be normal. *sigh* Yes, that's good! But it also leaves us somewhat shooting in the dark to address the pains and sickness I get sometimes with eating. Fun stuff.

Macy at the Children's Museum
Pink fingernails and piggies
Sweet niece #2 and me. :)
Dear Macy, you've been such a sweetie and I've enjoyed every moment with you.  The Children's Museum and lunch with MawMaw, PawPaw and your Mommy was such a treat! Then painting your fingers and piggies - you are too cute!! I love you and your sister so much!

Dear Timehop, I love seeing what I was posting about or talking about this same day in years past.  I find it interesting that this is the blog I posted 365 days ago:  Listen. Pray. Faith. 

Can you see him hiding??
There he is!  
Dear Great Pumpkin, Ok so you had us fooled for a while thinking you were a squash plant. Then you showed your colors and you are a volunteer pumpkin, in our flower bed at work! I toss my frufru pumpkins in the end of the flower beds at the end of autumn, so I guess that's where you started.  However, since you are dangling over the edge of the flowerbed, you aren't going to last too long.  We have to figure out how to get you back in the bed or support you somehow. (see here and here for FruFru Pumpkin tutorials)

Dear SheReadsTruth, Congratulations on your new app! It's beautiful! I'm currently going through Ruth, and I so enjoy it.  I am disappointed in having to pay for plans (sorry, being honest) when YouVerison plans are free? But the beauty included in everything you have to offer, it's great. And the community I can plug into is also great.  Check it out if you haven't already folks!

Dear Weekend, you promise to allow for little rest, so let's get out there and enjoy ourselves!  Ya'll have a great weekend and we'll see you back here next week!


  1. Good news on the tummy front. Have you tried eliminating certain foods? Yes, welcome to reading glasses. I tried the contacts that do both and that didn't work. Switched to glasses and don't miss dealing with contacts at all!

  2. I hope they find out what is bothering you soon. Reading glasses! Yes, my sister gave me my first pair last year on this day for my 50th birthday. They are cute pink floral. i think she got them from Catoes of all places. ;) Love that photo of you and your niece.


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