Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday's Letters

Ya'll, it's one of my favorites times of the week - FRIDAY'S LETTERS!

Dear Macy Mae, (1.) you are toooo cute. You were so much fun during Halloween, loving on your pumpkin, sitting on your pumpkin, you even dressed a little pumpkin-y for Halloween. And you discovered you liked getting loot just for being cute (like that doesn't happen everyday...).  Dear Family, (2.) I'm so very blessed to have all of you right around me. This picture of mom and her sister, both with their grandkids, just reminds me of growing up with all my aunts and uncles close by.  Love it.  Dear Lord, (3.) I have really appreciated and enjoyed your sunrises and sunsets lately.  Thanks for giving me a heart that can see Your beauty. Dear Christian Friends, (4.) you are so very encouraging to me - to see your faith and your success, you have no idea! Paulene, thanks for sharing this today on IG. :) Dear MJ, (5.) What a WONDERFUL surprise to bring me Susan Branch's book! I stayed up late last night reading it, I've taken small breaks throughout today and WOW, it's like you are right there with her for every step! It's just wonderful. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I'm so glad the end is here for 31 Days.  :)  I enjoyed it, I'm very thankful that I'm actually back to feeling like blogging again instead of it just making me a touch sad.  31 Days really pulled me out of that funk and made me notice and appreciate God, my heavenly Father, so much more. So thanks for going on that bumpy ride with me (where I skipped a few days here and there).

I'm NOT doing the 31 Day of Thankful, but I'm sure I will blog more about things I'm thankful for in November.  So many blessings, so so many.  So I'm sure I'll share some this month.

But for now, since I'm already late turning in my article for the local magazine I write for, I better go focus on that for a while.  Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here soon!

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