Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday's Letter

Dear Weekend, I'm looking forward to you, although I'm not sure what my plans are for you yet. Maybe I'll make some more felt food for littlest Sweet Niece's Christmas present.  Dear Lord, just today I've seen the circle of life in the birth posting from one blogger and another losing a family member unexpectedly.  I've been getting the message:  In all things give thanks (even during our suffering). I'm not sure how to do this, so please work in my heart on this one?  Dear Self, Girl, you make some stupid mistakes.  Looks like one could be catching up with you. Dear Praying People, please include my Dad in yours - thanks.  Dear Sinus Sickness, I've battled with you for over a month. I simply refuse to give the DR another $97 when I haven't finished paying off the last visit. Can you please just give me a break and GO AWAY?  Dear Sweet Nieces, I'm soooo happy to have ya'll together this weekend. :) I'm looking forward to the day when both of you are old enough to spend the night at Aunt Bethie's house!

63 more minutes until quitting time! :) Woop Woop! Hello weekend, here I come! :)


  1. Hope things get easier for you! Sounds like a lot's going on.

  2. I hope everything will be okay with the mistake.

  3. Awww....Beth...hope your are feeling better and that you are having a good weekend! I enjoy reading your Friday "letters".


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