Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Monday - Update

Muffin had a rough weekend. She's sick of me squirting medicine down her throat... well, she actually runs through the house spitting it out all over my floors. *sigh* Yeah, I'm in serious need of a mop job.  You know she's sick when she turns down tuna. Say a little pray for her, please?

The rest of my weekend, when I wasn't torturing the cat with medicine, involved visits to the hospital to see a coworker's husband, visiting with my friend, Donna, over dinner and catching Sweet Niece #1's dance recital.  She's growing up so fast!  Not only did she have a GREAT recital, but earlier in the month she earned her yellow belt in tae kwon do!  She's multi-talented! Go AH!

I almost didn't recognize her when she came up to us because she had her braces removed and got contacts within a week of each other.  So she's changed a bit!  We are so proud of her. She's really artistic, too, so she's got mad skillz! 

Ya'll have a great week and you know I'll keep you posted on Muffin.  :)  Thanks!

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  1. Poor Muffin. And poor you. There is nothing worse than a sick kitty.


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