Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday's Letters.

Dear Friday, I thought it was Saturday on Wednesday. So for the love of heaven, please be nice to me because obviously this has been a long week.

Dear co-worker peeps, Thanks for going along with the mouse ears, just to be silly for A.  We are really happy for you, A, A, A, & A, that you are heading to Disney World! I hope you have a GREAT time!

Dear Sweet Niece #2, I know teething is driving you insane and I'm sorry. But that doesn't make it OK to throw blocks around the house. Tsk Tsk. You are supposed to be a SWEET niece, remember?  Did you know one year ago (this week) your mama fell down the steps with you in her belly? Yup. She was so scared - ended up breaking her foot. Then you were born one week later!! :) Almost one, baby girl!

Dear Muffin, girl, not only are you putting me in the poor house with vet bills, but you made me cry all day Monday I was so worried about you. I'm glad you are feeling better. Let's work on not spitting your medicine out all over my house, OK? Thanks.

Dear Self, sunscreen is your friend. Especially when you are super sugar white. Maybe you'll remember next time. :)

Dear Sweet Niece #1, Look at you! All grown up, got your braces off and I hear you got contacts this week, too! WHAT! And you'll be heading into SIXTH GRADE! *sigh* I thought growing up wasn't allowed! I'm very proud of you (congrats on your Yellow Belt, too!)

Dear next three weeks, you are SO BUSY, calendar, and I'm thankful for all the great events coming up.  I sincerely hope my body will recognize the need for sleep to survive it all! :)

Go link up with Ashley and enjoy other folks' letters! Fun stuff! :)



  1. I hate weeks where it obviously should be much farther along then it is. Hope Muffin is doing better!

  2. Ugh...don't you hate when you think it's Saturday on Wednesday? Today (Tuesday), I thought it was Friday. This is not setting up to be a good thing!



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