Friday, April 6, 2012

Sorry for the disappearing act.

I know I've been missing this week.  It's been a week of excitement as my mom and I completed the nursery for Macy while Katie, Roger and AH were out of town! :)   We also did some redecorating/painting throughout the house, in preparation for the guests that are sure to follow the addition of a newborn baby.  The living room and bathroom received fresh paint and the nursery was painted and decorated up adorably. We switched out curtains in the living room, rearranged and added wall decor, including a great section of family photos for them.  The bathroom received one addition and their bedroom two decor additions. It's really awesome, if I do say so myself.

But the shining star is the nursery!!! Love it! It's all pink and green and ready for a new baby girl's arrival!

The beautiful "Macy" banner that AH made for her little sister! She gave it to Katie at the recent baby shower.  It is the cutest addition - we just love it!

These adorable plaques over the crib are very lightweight and cute! A duck, bunny and puppy.  To the right is the growth chart in pink and white polka dot.  The bunny mobile is having issues as all the bunnies are head down, butt up.  We are going to worry about that later. 

A close up view of the plaque.  Love the polka dots!! The picture on the right shows the new shelves and the Beatrix Potter blocks stacked up in the corner.  Love it!

Yes, I realize it's a little silly to get this excited over a clock, but mom and I took a $3 Wal-Mart clock and made it cute! We used left over punch-outs from the American Girl banner set AH used to make Macy's banner.  So they'll match! Yeah!

One of my favorite parts - the paper lanterns dangling from the ceiling above the rocking chair.  It is just so girlie and precious.

Can you tell I'm excited about this baby girl? Hanging in there for June/July so I can meet my newest niece!

(I know these pics are kinda crappy quality. I'll work on getting some better pictures soon!)

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